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Structural Engineering Services 
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Structural Engineering Services for Architects, Contractors, Property Managers, and Home Owners

TLH Consulting, LLC provides structural engineering services to our clients including structural analysis, structural design, and structural drafting.  Our clients include architects, contractors, property managers, and home owners.  Our goal is to provide services that satisfy our clients needs, and provide a service we are proud of.  We look forward to serving you.   


The primary focus of TLH Consulting is building design.  Our typical building projects include single and multi-story commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.  The projects include new construction, additions to existing facilities, rehabilitation of existing facilities, and modifications to existing facilities.  Other project types include the following:      

  • Connection Design for Structural Steel Fabricators
  • Light Gage Metal Framing Design and Shop Drawing Preparation
  • Commercial Sign Structural Support Framing 
  • Structural Calculations and Shop Drawings for Window and Glazing Contractors
  • Evaluation of Load Capacity of Existing Buildings and Building Components 


TLH Consulting provides structural engineering services to our clients.  Our services include: 
  • Structural analysis and design of structural building systems and components for gravity and lateral loading conditions
  • Calculations are performed utilizing a variety of tools including commercial analysis and design software, company developed spread sheets, and by hand
  • Engineering drawings are produced in Autocad format                 


Our building analysis and design experience includes:      

  • Residential buildings (both single family and mutli-family)
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Public buildings

Our structural steel connection design experience includes:  

Simple Sheer Connections

  • Gusset plate design for vertical and horizontal braces
  • Moment connection design, and ornamental hand rail design     

Our light gage metal framing design experience include:

Exterior Curtain Wall Design

  • Shear wall and braced wall design
  • Interior load bearing floor system design
  • Interior non-load bearing partition wall design

 Our commercial sign support framing design experience includes:

  • Free standing structural supports for restaurant signs
  • Angle bracket supports for wall mounted banners




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