TLH Consulting, Inc.
Structural Engineering Services 
505 Middlesex Turnpike, Unit 14
Billerica, MA  01821
Phone: (978) 362-1804
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TLH provides services for many types of customers based on their needs.  Beside the list below, we provide our services to many homeowners and businesses.

ARCHITECTS:                                                                                                    DESIGNERS:
RODE Architects Inc                                                                Builder's Plan Services
Derek Rubinoff, Architect Lassanah Associate 
Latady Designs, LLC                             Tuscher Desgin Group          
Embarc Studio Architecture + Design                                                             
Design Studio of BTH Architects                                                                     DESIGN/BUILD:
Kurtz Design Studio                                                                                           Haycon, Inc.
Franke/French Architects                                                                                  Lee Kimball
O'Sullivan Architects, Inc.                                                                           
Art Form Architectures, Inc.       STEEL FABRICATORS
B. Thomas Heinzer Associates, Inc.   Bradford Welding & Truck Equipment Philippe Thibault Architect Mill City Iron
Paul Apakarian Needham Certified Welding D.A. Kinsella & Company Silver Street Architects, LLC
John Chapman Architects
Miller Design, LLC   
Signature Architects, Inc. Gienapp Design Associates Glassman Chung Design Architects

Gavin Associates
ICR Drywall, Inc.
Redline Wall Systems,
BK Manangement
Certified Property Management 
Gold Associates 
Property Management of Andover
Callare Properties
lder & Chavez, LLC
CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERING:                                                                
Cumming Engineering                                                                                       
Thompson Consultants, Inc.                                                                                                                              
The Prime Group, LLC                                                                                       
Blackham Management, LLC                                                                                   
Bromfield Development
Certified Property Management
Salter & Kahn
Dannin Management Corporation

All Star Waterproofing and Building Restoration
AMC Construction
Able Roofing and Contracting

Bob's Home Improvements
Catalano Construction
Controlled Environments Construction, Inc.
Donaldson Home Improvement, LLC
Edgemark Contracting Corp.
Flanagan Builders,Inc.
G.V.W. Incorporated 
Haig Construction

Landmark Services
Longleaf Construction Company
Main Street HVAC, Inc.
Mamco Constuction
Maple Mill Construction
Merrimack Construction Group, Inc.
Michael Bellante Home Servies
Murray Brothers Construction, Inc.

Northeast Installers
Northstar Construction Services Corporation
Ocean View Contracting
Pandolofo Co, Inc
RDR Construction
Seaver Construction, Ltd
Stewart Builders Group
South Street Builders
Timberline Construction
Tom Patenaude Homes, Inc.
Walcott Construction




Gienapp Design Associates, LLC
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