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Some our recent project include the following:

Five Story, 16 Unit Mixed Use Building
333 to 339 West Broadway, South Boston, MA

TLH Consulting recently completed the structural design of this mixed use building.  The structure will have parking below the first floor level, retail and parking spaces at the first floor level, and residential from levels two through five.  The structural framing system consists of dimensional lumber bearing walls with engineered lumber floor and roof joists.  The lateral load resisting system consists of wood framed shear walls from the roof down to the second floor level and structural steel moment frames from the second to lower parking level. 

Lynn Liquor Mart

The Lynn Liquor Mart Project is a two story wood and structural steel framed addition to an existing liquor store in Lynn, MA.  The addition utilizes structural steel girders, dimensional lumber roof and floor joists, CMU walls at from the first to second level, and cold formed metal framed walls from the second level to the third level.

1856 Beacon Street


1856 Beacon Street is an existing seven story condominium building with exterior brick façade walls.  Tenant parking is provided under the building; parking is below street level.  The floor system of the building consists of precast concrete plank supported by structural steel beams and girders.  The structural steel beams and girders that support the first floor precast concrete plank members are exposed to the elements.  Some of the structural steel beams and girders showed signs of significant corrosion.  The trusties of the property were concerned that the safety of the structural steel members might be reduced due to the noted corrosion.  TLH Consulting performed a structural site survey of the area, provided a written report to the trusties, suggested repair solutions to the trusties, and provided an estimate of probable cost to the trusties.  The trusties reviewed the report and within a month decided to proceed with the suggested repairs.  Photographs of structural steel member conditions before repair and after repair are shown below.


NESN Dunnage Connections

TLH Consulting was hired by the structural steel fabricator to provide connection design and signed and sealed calculations for the NESN Dunnage project.  The steel framework provides above roof support for several new antennas.  Connection design included gusset plates and brace connection design for vertical and horizontal lateral load resisting braces, simple shear connections, and through plate connections.   


TLH Consulting performed structural analysis of a new roof framing for a proposed skylight roof system over a new kitchen in Charlestown, MA. The roof framing included sized LVL beams as well as nail and screws connections to existing roof framing. In addition, we designed other structural components in the house such as new steel lentils and edge posts. The slideshow below show the roof condition before, during, and after the installation of the new skylights.

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